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Integrity Books & Payroll is a bookkeeping and payroll company that offers a flexible service to our customers and takes the stress out of preparing financial reports and payroll. Owned by Jason Barth and Jennifer Grim, Integrity Books & Payroll was established in 2006. Integrity is a small business serving small businesses in multiple states including: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Washington. We manage multiple accounts for a diverse clientele, including insurance agents, non-profit organizations, consultants, fitness studios, and engineers just to name a few. 

Integrity can offer a tailored package to meet all of our customers’ requirements. There is no need to spend valuable time on bookkeeping and payroll when we can take care of these transactions for you. Integrity's top priority is to provide our clients with excellent service, satisfaction and competent work!






Jason began his career at the Cooper Aerobics Center in Dallas, TX, where he loyally worked for the next 13 years. Originally working as a summer camp counselor, Jason advanced to multiple positions within the organization and in 1999, was named Director of the Year for the Cooper Fitness Center. In 2000, he was promoted to Finance Director. Jason was named Executive Director of the Cooper Spa in 2001 and advanced to vice president within the company. ​Undertaking Cooper’s first ever expansion in 2005, serving as the General Manager, Jason led the new Cooper Aerobics Center at Craig Ranch to be recognized and awarded by many leading industry professionals.

Passionate about the business aspect of the Cooper Aerobics Center, in 2009, Jason transitioned careers and launched the Texas branch of Integrity Books & Payroll and was quickly contracted by Bailey Banks & Biddle Jewelers for bookkeeping and payroll. In 2010, Bailey Banks & Biddle re-organized their company and hired Jason full time to run their day-to-day accounts payable department. Promoted to Director of Accounting in 2012, he oversaw all accounting functions and human resources.

A San Antonio native, but living in the North Dallas area for the past 20 years, Jason calls Prosper home.  During the winter months, Jason can be found on a basketball court serving as a Division 1 Basketball referee. He is married to his wife Rachelle and they have 3 children. During the fall and spring, Jason enjoys coaching his boys in baseball. 

​Jason is passionate about serving the Lord and his local church community. He has been a deacon and has held various positions volunteering on both the Finance and Personnel Committees. In this capacity, he oversaw all aspects of the church’s finances including budget, accounts receivable, accounts payable, designated funds, personnel management, capital improvements, and cash flow management.

Jason received his B.A. in Speech Communication and a Masters of Education degree in Sports Management from the University of Texas at Austin.  He is continually learning and remaining current in the financial arena. He holds certifications in the Open Meetings Act, Public Information Act, and the State of Texas Public Fund Investment Act. 

You can be assured that Jason will make your business his top priority. He values his customers and understands all of the intricacies of bookkeeping and payroll.

Jason Barth






Jennifer Grim is a practical accountant with multiple years of financial experience. She has diverse knowledge, interests and experiences to draw insight, solutions and decisions upon.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from the University of Wyoming.


She has an extensive management background and has successfully operated her business since 2005, with expertise in the following areas:

  • Prepare and report all monthly financial statements 

  • Assist all clients with creating their corporate budgets and maintenance of budgets

  • Process all payroll along with reporting federal, state, and local tax reports and filings

  • Create and implement cash flow statements for each individual client

  • Implement Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Bill Pay, Bank Reconciliation for all clients

  • Generate all necessary Business and Workers Compensation Insurance audit reports

  • Organize all end of the year financial reports required for each company’s tax returns while closely interacting with the client’s accountant

  • Proficient in QuickBooks Premier Accountants Edition

  • File all Annual Reports with the State of Colorado

  • Assist in the preparation of business formations including corporations, partnerships and LLCs 

Along with owning Integrity Books & Payroll, LLC, Jennifer has gained tremendous knowledge of non-profit bookkeeping standards by serving as the Finance Director and Treasurer of The Meeting Place, a church in Fort Collins, CO.  Here, she was responsible for the church’s accountability with it’s financial information and tax preparation both to the IRS and the State of Colorado.  


In doing this, she has established correct accounting practices for pastors including housing allowances and payroll, managing weekly tithes & offerings, and providing church attendees with year-end contribution statements.

Jennifer has an exceptional record of delivering cost effective, high performance bookkeeping solutions to meet challenging business demands. She has extensive qualifications in all facets of bookkeeping from conceptual design through documentation, and implementation.  She offers a flexible service to her customers, while taking the stress out of preparing their accounts and payroll. 

Jennifer Grim
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